Update: Head here for the latest on mobile–Google’s Mobile AMPs.

Mobile technology has drastically transformed the global e-commerce landscape. A new infographic from Rackspace highlights the importance of leveraging mobile ecommerce to boost sales in 2014:

Ecommerce Mobile search

Mobile Ecommerce Statistics

  • 10% of all ecommerce sales are generated on mobile devices
  • Mobile ecommerce sales will total $109 billion by 2017
  • The portion of advertising conducted on mobile platforms has nearly tripled over the past two years
  • 11% of all advertisements will be directed towards mobile devices by 2016
  • 80% of shoppers used a mobile phone inside a physical store in 2012

Over two-thirds of Americans currently own a smartphone, which illustrates the importance of advertising on mobile devices. Mobile ecommerce will become even more important as the prevalence increases.


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