How to Promote Your Landing Page Using Paid Ads

By Tinuiti Team

Landing pages can be a great way to drum up business, as well as hone in on the messaging, products and strategies that really resonate with your customers.

But to reap all these benefits? You first need traffic.

Without plenty of traffic, your landing pages are a moot point. They might have the best, most persuasive copy ever, but if no one’s there to read it, does it really matter?

So what can you do to give those landing pages legs? Pay for it.


landing pages using paid ads


Landing Page Promotion with Facebook Ads

No matter what platform you’re using to promote your landing pages, customization is the single most important factor in your success.

By this, I mean customizing your ad to the exact landing page you’re driving people to.


Moon Juice Facebook Ad


As seen in the “Moon Juice” example above, if your landing page is promoting a health-conscious product to “boost energy & feed physical feel”, then your ads should be targeted the same way. This means demographically, content-wise and in your imagery.

In Q1 (2018) Moon Juice saw a +27% increase from Organic + Direct in both sessions and revenue compared to Q4 (2017).

“Moon Juice has always had amazing results on Facebook, which shows that their audience has been waiting for a brand – and product – like this for a long time. But what’s truly special is the overall growth we’ve seen on the .com due to the awareness we’ve created around the brand on paid social.”

– Casey Edwards, Senior Social Marketing Strategist at CPC Strategy said.


When using Facebook ads to promote your landing page, you’ll also need to keep a few other tidbits in mind:

You can also add in a call to action button if it’s appropriate. This lets you clearly dictate the action you’re asking the user to take and makes it a little more visual.

Landing Page Promotion with Google Ads & Display

Google ads, as well as ads within its display network, are also a great way to drum up traffic for landing pages, though you’ll need to approach it slightly different than you would on Facebook.

AdWords PPC landing pages

With these ads, you’ll need to consider the SEO factor. Audiences will only see your ad if it has a good quality score in relation to the keywords and terms you’re advertising on. This means you should:

You should also understand the overall “landing page experience” that Google wants to deliver its users, so be sure to read the full policy before launching your ad.

Other Options for Landing Page Promotion

Obviously, paid ads aren’t the only way to bring in landing page traffic. Some other solid options?

Use social media, try your hand at email marketing or even pull up the page at your next trade show booth or convention event.

Landing page promotion can come in many forms, and as with most marketing efforts, a multi-pronged approach is going to be most effective. Consider combining paid ads along with organic and off-line efforts as well, and make sure to measure your results and tweak your strategy in response.

Fortunately, as landing pages have grown in use, so have the tools out there to help create and manage them. Need help driving your leads toward conversion? Here are the best landing page tools to help you do it.

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