Q4 2013 Ecommerce Strategy: Q4 Sales & Shipping Tips

By Tinuiti Team

Q4 is predicted to see a 20% sales growth increase for SMB’s this holiday season.  What are you doing to get more sales moving into Q4?

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Below are shipping and sales tips to get you started on the right path for more orders during Q4. For even more Q4 tips and strategy, check out our Q4 Ecommerce Strategy series.

Q4 holiday shipping ecommerce strategyQ4 Ecommerce Strategy: Holiday Shipping Tips

Shipping for online purchases around Q4 should be one of the top priorities for online shoppers. You need to communicate when products are going to arrive, and if possible feature deals for shipping, and shipping variations based on day.
1. Make sure you fulfillment is ready to handle the influx of orders, and that orders will arrive on time.

2. Feature website call outs which count down the days to the holiday: “Buy before 12/20 to arrive on Christmas!”

3. Consider sales surrounding shipping based on dates and quantity. Bundles, free shipping over $X, and similar shipping

4. features are great ways to get more sales, and higher order value.

5. You may also want to remind shoppers about shipping dates (promotions, etc.) via email marketing or social promotions.

6. Ensure your shipping setting for your webiste are accurate and appear during checkout.

7. Feature estimated shipping dates for products. This will assure consumers that their gifts will arrive before the Holiday.

8. Clearly outline return policies, gurantees and related information on your site. Shoppers are more likely to purchase something if they know it is easy to return.

Q4 ecommerce strategy, holiday sales best practicesQ4 Ecommerce Strategy: Holiday Sales Tips

Sale! Exclamation point! Deal! Q4 sales are going to be featured on almost every ecommerce site, how can you separate your site from the noise?

1. Bundle your sale items.

2. On minimum orders, offer discount shipping rates.

3. Create late-breaking affordable groups.

4. Generally conversions decrease around December 20, to offset salesdecreases  increase shipping rates to offset  smaller order costs.

5. Compile lists of items for holiday gifts, and feature sales for those groups. Some suggestions inlcude: best gifts for Dads, top gadgets under $20, etc.

6. Consider featuring a flash sale on your site.

7. Consumers love corporations which are socially responsible. Think about hosting a toy drive for a non-profit, supporting a Holiday cause, or sharing a percent of profits with a charity.


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