Amazon To Discontinue Sponsored Product Ads on the Right Rail

By Tinuiti Team

Do you remember when Google discontinued their right side desktop ads? Well something very similar is now rolling out to Amazon.

According to our team of experts, Amazon Sponsored Products Ads (located on the right rail only) are, in fact, going away.

As shown in the image below, our team was only able to produce right rail placements in incognito mode, but soon right hand rail Sponsored Product ads will be a thing of the past.





Note: Although Amazon will not be releasing an official announcement, we have confirmed the discontinuation of Sponsored Products right rail ads with our Amazon contacts.

About Amazon Sponsored Products

For those of you unfamiliar with the platform, Sponsored Products exists within the Amazon Marketplace and drives traffic to an Amazon detail page.

As an agency managing hundreds of sellers, we know that Amazon Sponsored Products is and will continue to be one of the most powerful tools for driving discoverability and incremental sales for Amazon sellers.

So, the big question is: What kind of an impact is the discontinuation of right rail Sponsored Product Ads going to have?

According to Pat Petriello, Head of Marketplace Strategy at CPC Strategy, “Amazon’s transition of Sponsored Product ads from the right rail into more native positions at the top of the Amazon SERP comes with a number of implications for consumers and advertisers alike.”

“For consumers, Sponsored Product advertisements will blend in more seamlessly with organic listings, which means it won’t be so obvious to determine which listings are paid placements and which are showing naturally.”

“It also makes the Amazon shopping experience more consistent across mobile and desktop, as right rail ads had previously only ever appeared on desktop.”

“For advertisers, this further amplifies the importance of Sponsored Product ads across all product searches, since these placements will now occupy even more space at the top of the SERP.”

“We expect click volume and click through rates to increase for these ads as they become less discernible from organic listings, meaning winning these auctions will be more important than ever.”

The discontinuation of Sponsored Products (right rail ads) will:

4 Ways Optimize Your Sponsored Products Strategy

We anticipate the “cost to play” will increase as more Amazon sellers flood the Marketplace increasing demand in the bidding auction.

In response, sellers will have to rely on sophisticated paid marketing campaigns and strategies to outsmart their competitors.

To help sellers better prepare for this shift, we’ve created a list of our top-notch Sponsored Products’ resources, so you can start optimizing your campaigns today.

1. Check out the Guide:

The 2017 Amazon Sponsored Products Guide

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We find these types of questions come up A LOT with Amazon Sellers trying to maximize the performance of their Sponsored Product investments.

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CPC Strategy also offers specific creative services for: 


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