Amazon Manage Your Experiments (Beta) A/B Testing for A+ Content

By Tinuiti Team

Amazon recently announced its new “Manage Your Experiments” (MYE) feature. This new tool allows sellers to A/B test their A+ content to make data-driven decisions that can increase sales. 

According to Amazon, “Experiments can help you statistically find the best A+ content for your listings, improve future content, and help drive more sales.”

There are three steps to A/B testing your A+ content:

  1. Experiment: Running controlled experiments to test the performance of your A+ content
  2. Analyze: Interpreting results backed by statistics to make data-driven decisions about your A+ content
  3. Optimize: Maximizing sales by launching high-performing A+ content that resonates with your customers

Once you interpret your results and optimize your content, it’s time to A/B test something new. Done right, here’s what the A+ content experimentation lifecycle should look like:


A/B testing best practices

Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to A/B testing your A+ content through Amazon’s new Manage Your Experiments feature.





What elements can you test? 

You can A/B test variations of nearly any element of your A+ content. Here are some A+ content test ideas from Amazon Brand Services:

“The Manage Your Experiments Beta allows Vendors and Sellers to work towards optimizing their A+ content design. You can be very intentional with elements of the design you would like to test and apply learnings to content you create in order to develop a foundation for your optimal product detail page experience. This feature is an absolute game changer and everyone in the industry is extremely excited to start experimenting.”

– AJ Swamy, Manager, Creative Strategy at Tinuiti



How to run an A/B test through Manage Your Experiments

There are four main parts of running your A/B test for A+ content through MYE: 

  1. Create a B variation of your A+ content
  2. Set up your experiment
  3. Run your experiment
  4. Measure your results 


Part 1: Create a B variation of your A+ content


Create both versions of your content in the A+ Content Manager. Apply the same ASINs to both Version A and Version B. You must have the exact same set of ASINs applied to both versions of content in order to run the experiment. 

Next, submit your content to Amazon for approval. This can take up to 7 business days (but usually happens within 48 hours). 


Part 2: Set up your experiment

Once Amazon approves your content, it’s quick and easy to set up your experiment. First, select which content you’d like to test based on the ASIN. Then, set up and schedule your test through the MYE feature. 


Part 3: Run your experiment

Once your experiment goes live, each customer who visits your detail page is randomly assigned a content version. Logged in customers will see the same variation every time they visit the product detail page. 

While your experiment is in progress, you can change the duration or cancel the experiment (though we recommend against the latter). You can’t edit your A+ content while experiments are in progress or scheduled to begin. 


Part 4: Measure your results

A few weeks after your experiment begins, you can start seeing data on each variation and how well they’re performing. Preliminary data can be misleading, though, so let your experiment run its course before you interpret the results. 

Once your experiment ends, Amazon gives you:

These performance insights can help you choose the most effective content for your product detail pages which, in turn, can boost sales and conversions for your Amazon products.

Ready to get started with Manage Your Experiments for A+ content? Sellers can access the feature through Seller Central, while vendors can head over to Vendor Central to begin experimenting. 

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