How To Create Killer Product Pages [Infographic]

By Tinuiti Team

Props to the conversion rate optimization specialists at Invesp for this great infographic on ecommerce product pages.

Product Page Effectiveness Rate = # of Add to Cart / Visitors to Product Pages: While your “product page effectiveness rate” may go down as your products increase in AOV, this doesn’t necessarily mean your conversion rate will also follow in the same direction.  Conversions are really the ultimate goal and a better measure of the overall effectiveness of your site (vs. just your product page).

Most Important Features That Influence the Buyer’s Decision: It’s no surprise to see free shipping and free returns and the top of list, and these are certainly site features that any retailer should prioritize to make available.  If you’re not sold, just look at Zappos and all of the self-sacrifices they’ve made for the sake of the customer.

Steps to Effective E-Commerce Product Pages: Steps 1-5 are really all about #20, instilling a sense of confidence in the consumer’s purchase.  Shoppers want to know what they’re getting, especially when buying online, and so providing every minute detail regarding the tangible product is essential to building their knowledge, and consequentially their confidence, about the product.

Although “makes your foot happy with this shoes” may not be the desired end goal, #12 is certainly an important aspect to include in your product pages and really in all aspects of your website.  Subtly creating emotional triggers/connections with your customers is a surefire way to distinguish your brand and instill a sense of uniqueness in the eyes of the customers.  A little blurb saying “As seen in The Devil Wears Prada” could be a make-or-break point for a shopper.  Otherwise you’re just another shoe, and ultimately just another average shoe retailer.

If conversions are a trouble area for your product pages, don’t just sit there and languish in self-pity!  Seek help!  Luckily for you, we’re sitting down and hosting a webinar with ConversionIQ, a conversion rate optimization specialist, in January.  Reserve your spot today!

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