Online Sales Tax: Ecommerce Retailer McKane Davis Provides Insight

By Tinuiti Team retailer, McKane Davis, weighs in:

“I own and run an ecommerce company like many of you. And just like many of you, we will be crippled by the (ironically titled) Marketplace Fairness Act if it becomes law.

I worry that some of you are unaware at just how bad this will be for your businesses. It will stunt your growth and eat at your bottom line. It will probably put some of you out of business. It’s that bad.

We have joined forces with a rapidly growing group of Internet Retailers to oppose this law. This is a bad bill. Is is discriminatory and fundamentally unfair. We must fight it before it’s too late.”

See the rest of his statement, including how the bill will affect small and medium-sized retailers, in our Complete Online Sales Tax Guide.

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