Attribution: An Enlightened Approach to Growing Your Business

By Tinuiti Team

If you’ve never looked at your KPI data from different attribution types, prepare to have your AHA moment! Whether your business goals are to grow orders or subscriptions, generate leads, or to maximize revenue – considering all the steps it took for your customer to convert is key to growing your business.

Chances are that you are using the default last click conversion attribution type to measure the success of your online marketing efforts. If so, you’re only looking at the very last step your customer took to convert. You’re not seeing the whole picture! More likely than not, your customer took many steps and interacted with several touch points before converting. In order to know where to invest online spend as well as where there are opportunities for growth, you should at least be aware of these touch points. Ignoring the first interaction, or the interactions in between that last click that you currently measure all your data in can be detrimental to the long-term success of your business!

Different Attribution Models

Google Analytics has a great resource for comparing different attribution models: The Model Comparison Tool. The tool allows you to compare up to three attribution models at a time. Different attribution models already in analytics include:

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