20 Characteristics Of A Sophisticated Amazon Seller

By Tinuiti Team

Advanced Characteristics of an Amazon Seller

The Amazon seller community is a tight-knit one, and it’s typically pretty clear which storefronts are the most successful in a given category. Despite Amazon’s advanced development for third party sellers, many marketers remain stagnant in their ability to harness the full potential of Amazon’s vast user base.

If sellers intend to thrive in the 2016 Marketplace they will need to develop a sophisticated strategy focused on performance optimization.

There seems to be an apparent gap between those merchants which are simply selling on Amazon and those which are truly moving the needle for their businesses through a strategic marketplace approach.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of high quality resources on Amazon Optimization, many sellers still do not understand how to tackle the marketplace as a sophisticated seller.

amazon seller

Whether it be creating content, enhancing catalog discoverability, repricing, getting the most out of FBA, providing top-tier customer service, or understanding the inputs that drive Buy Box share, we provide Amazon sellers with the 20 best practices to elevate their sales strategy.

pat-petriello“While the rapid evolution of the Amazon Marketplace creates significant revenue opportunities for online retailers, it also means standing still is not an option. The strategies, tactics, approach, and toolbox which produced results even a year or two ago are not enough, and 3P Sellers need to continue to innovate on their process to stay ahead of the competition,” Pat Petriello, Senior Marketplace Channel Strategist said.

The following white paper is designed for new and growing Amazon sellers to understand the strategies of the Marketplaces top sellers. For sophisticated sellers, this is an opportunity to validate your existing strategy.

Ultimately, these 20 characteristics are all shared by our most successful clients.

In this white paper you will learn:

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20 Characteristics Of A Sophisticated Amazon Seller




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