Amazon Vendor Acceleration Program for Startups To Launch

By Tinuiti Team

New Amazon Program Designed for Startups

A new division of the retail (vendor) team has been assembled with the goal of onboarding new-to-market products from startup companies which are traditionally too small to qualify for a traditional vendor relationship but which Amazon deems more valuable to leave to VendorExpress as a self-service

“The product targets Amazon is honing in on with this team are products which have successfully raised funds through VCs, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and have gone through at least one round of initial manufacturing,” Pat Petriello Senior Marketplace Strategist at CPC Strategy said.


Amazon is positioning themselves to these companies as a source of sales, distribution, and cash flow for new business looking for exposure without exclusivity. 


“They are specifically targeting hard goods with a focus on electronics to start, and are ideally looking for singular products with a few variations.”


“From a user experience standpoint, Amazon will be creating a storefront on (similar to Amazon Business) where all of these products will get visibility and be categorized in addition to their categorization within the Amazon catalog depending on product type. Detail pages will be include traditional vendor content, including A+ content, but will also include an ‘About the Creators’ section,” Petriello said.


You can see an example of what the detail pages will look like here.


These startup vendors will also have access to Amazon Marketing Services and Sponsored Products as a normal vendor would.
Amazon (tentatively) plans on releasing this program to the public on July 22nd with content pages, a storefront, and 200 startup vendors.


To grow the program, Amazon is seeking partners to make referrals of these type of clients and are reaching out to the VC community and Kickstarter type platforms to source leads.
For more information on Amazon’s latest program development email [email protected].


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