How to Effectively Police Your Brand on Amazon – Live Q&A

By Tinuiti Team

60 minute Q&A with our Amazon Experts

For years, brands have continuously knocked on Amazon’s door to ask them to enforce punishment on unauthorized re-sellers for their violations, yet Amazon still remains locked behind closed doors, therefore causing these infringements & MAP pricing violations to go unnoticed.

On Thursday, December 10, 2015, at 11am (PST), Amazon experts Pat Petriello and Jeff Coleman will field Amazon-related questions on brand policing live from our audience.

This webinar is for brand manufacturers, vendors and third party sellers.

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How to Effectively Police Your Brand on Amazon



Additional Brand Policing Resources:

As a result of leaks in the supply chain, resellers obtain authentic products and sell them online below their MAP pricing or attempt to violate trademark /copyrights. This makes it increasingly difficult for brands to protect themselves. It’s a concern we hear all too often among sellers,
“What can I do if my brand is threatened by an unauthorized seller?”

In the following blog series, “Protecting Your Brand on Amazon“, we address common concerns from copyright / trademark infringement to MAP violations and provide brands with the ammunition they need to protect themselves against these types of attacks.

Be sure to check out:

Part 1 – Policing Your Brand on Amazon: Copyright & Trademark Infringement

Part 2 – Brand Protection on Amazon Against Unauthorized Sellers

Part 3 – Brand Enforcement: Actionable Steps Brands Can Take Against MAP Violators


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