Should Sellers Hire an Agency to Create Amazon Enhanced Brand Content?

By Tinuiti Team

Are you a brand registered Amazon seller seeking to increase conversions?

Then it’s time you start looking into how Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) can help you win over customers. Last year, Amazon introduced EBC, a version of A+ detail pages for Third Party Brand Sellers.

EBC enables Brand Owner sellers to modify the product description field of their branded ASINs to incorporate new creative including a unique brand story, enhanced images, and text placements.

When used effectively, adding EBC to your product detail pages may result in:


EBC can also be used to answer the most common customer questions by providing relevant product details that help drive more rapid purchase decisions and may reduce the likelihood of having products returned.

CPC Strategy currently offers a Creation & Management Solution For Sellers. Our project managers consult with your brand sellers to build EBC, customized for the Amazon Marketplace as an extension and premium representation of your brand.

A question we get pretty often from Sellers is:

Why should I hire an agency to create my Enhanced Brand Content?

ashley-koons-1“Working with an Amazon agency vs. DIY is different in many ways,” Ashley Koons, Content Project Manager, CPC Strategy said.

“The value and benefits that come with working with an agency is in the level of expertise.” 

“Working with an agency you have access to a dedicated project manager as well as an in-house design team to collaborate and share ideas with,” she said.

“From the 5 different templates available and multiple different restrictions of what can and cannot be included in EBC pages, it can be difficult to know where to start and how to navigate Enhanced Brand Content on your own.” 

Benefits of working with an agency on EBC creation

We sat down with Lead Graphic Designer, Hiram Cruz to discuss the top 5 benefits of working with an agency to create your Enhanced Brand Content.

1. Understand Amazon

We already understand how Amazon works and the type of content that resonates with the Marketplace. We’re not just making a design for a website or any other random channel. We are tailoring your brand’s content for Amazon’s audience. So the language, design, layout, and the type of images are all designed specifically for Amazon.

Most designers are not going to know how to navigate Seller Central or the EBC creator. Because of Amazon’s complexity, this isn’t something the average designer is going to be able to sit down and figure out in an hour.hiram-cruz-1

2. Knowledgeable about EBC requirements

There’s a lot of policies and requirements for EBC. Knowing what those restrictions and policies are in advance saves you an enormous amount of time on revisions.

3. EBC best practices

It’s also super beneficial to work with an agency who’s already familiar with Amazon’s available layouts.

We work with sellers to choose which layout is best for your brand based on how much content you have or how many features your product has.

We’re very familiar with the landscape and the approval process, so we can provide you with the best version of what your EBC page should be.

4. Avoid wasting time on re-submissions

Working with an agency who knows what the qualifications are allows you to move faster through the creation and submission process.

If you keep making mistakes and have to re-submit your EBC multiple times you could potentially be editing and resubmitting for months (or longer). That’s not an efficient use of your time.

5. Can actually save you money

There will likely be a lot of trial and error during the creation process if you are working with a designer who isn’t familiar with EBC. Especially, if you hire a designer who is charging you by the hour (or per revision), it could ultimately end up costing you more money than an agency would.

Although EBC is currently available to sellers (at no additional cost) we do not know when Amazon will discontinue the promotional period.

Sellers interested in EBC should reach out sooner rather than later. Considering the potential long term value of your return, the initial cost to working with an agency isn’t much a burden (especially because you don’t have to factor in any additional fees from Amazon).

Working with an agency who is experienced with Amazon will ultimately give the seller peace of mind that they are going to get your best EBC live in a timely manner.

Enhanced Brand Content: Creation & Management Solution for Sellers

If you have any additional questions about EBC, email [email protected]

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